Simply tell your kids that you're having some pictures taken together, and that it will be fun! The less pressure they feel, they more they will relax and enjoy themselves.


Simplicity is essential in both clothing and accessories. Remember that darker clothing minimizes, while lighter clothing slightly emphasizes body size.

On adults, long or three-quarter length sleeves are often preferable.

V-neck or scoop-neck tops work best on people with short necks or full faces. Turtlenecks or other high-neck styles are ideal if the neck is longer or the face is narrow.

In general, solid colors are best. Avoid bright colors, bold prints and visible designer logos.

Most often, dark-toned shoes work best.

For pairs and groups, choose a color theme such as blues and grays, pastels, whites or beiges. Coordinate shoes and socks if the subjects will be wearing them.

Please feel free to choose more than one change of clothing.


Schedule haircuts a week or so before sessions.

Women's make-up should be similar to that you would wear for an evening out.

Fingernails should be clean and trimmed; nail polish, if worn, should be neutral or coordinated.

Men should shave prior to the session.

Skin blemishes are easily eliminated through retouching.

Braces can be removed with digital retouching -- tell your children to smile naturally!


If you or your children aren't feeling well, please call. We'll happily reschedule.

To ensure the best results, be sure that everyone is rested and fed. If possible, curtail children's sugar intake on the day of the session.



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